Deckscape is a card game that recreates the experience of a real “Escape Room” on your tabletop: The players are “trapped” inside a room or cornered in an apparently hopeless situation, and they have to try to escape within the time limit.

In order to escape, the players have to solve puzzles, make smart use of the items they find and understand the plot of the story.

No foreknowledge is required to solve the puzzles: Anyone can do this!
Why choose Deckscape?
You do not have to read the rules before playing
Open the box and discover a world of enigmas and adventures
Many different and original puzzles
Fast paced: turn the card over and check the solution
Uses intuition and team play
Costs less than one ticket to an Escape Room!
Economical pocket-sized format
Play where you want, alone or with your friends!
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